Summer Gardening Program

Master Gardeners are holding a Children’s Gardening class at Bowman Library in Stephens City this summer.

Donna Hughes reports on the June 26 Class.

The exploration walk around the lake was well planned and gave the children an opportunity to look at the natural environment. Some of them had never experienced a nature walk.

They seemed to really enjoy the gourd decorating through demonstrating realistic and fantasy decorations.

The instructors had the perfect approach to each element.

As for my part, I was only able to read one story; but it was fine. The enthusiasm of the class carried the participants through the entire time.

It was perfect!

July 10

Instructors: Barb Haller, Anne Dewey-Balzhiser, Lee Demko (?)

Title: Unusual planters and where can your plants grow?

Book: Roots, Shoots, Bucket and Boots

Lecture: A propagation class on how to plant and how to keep plants happy in different types of containers. The kids will be asked to bring in a pair of old shoes or sneakers. We will have a supply of plastic beach buckets in case kids don’t bring in shoes. Talk about drainage, feeding and light for plants.

Project: You will plant the shoes or containers for the kids to take it home. You will need to buy a couple bags of potting soil.

July 24

Barbara Gorham – LEAD INSTRUCTOR,Ginny Smith, Stan Corneal

Title: Garden Gnomes, Fairies and Brownies, where do they live?


Lecture: Assume Fairies exist. Don’t you believe or used to? Where do they live and what do they need? Clean gardens, happy places for kids to visit. Ecology and healthy plants and soil and what kids can do to keep it clean.

Project: Bring home a fairy garden for your bedroom table or back porch. You will make a dish garden with hideouts for fairies.

Here are some photos from the first class.