Habitat Gardens Registered

Habitat Garden for Flora and Fauna Recognition Program Registered Gardens

The NSVMGA Habitat Garden Program is helping Northern Shenandoah Valley gardens keep an eco-friendly balance for the home garden landscape.

Below are our currently registered gardens. We’ll add new gardens monthly, so check back next month if you don’t see your name below. Some gardens have included photos, which we’ll also add soon.

Riled Up Farm
GreenHeart Haven
Lisa Kremer, Happy Place Garden
Dorothy Farley
Natalia Ossinova
Doe Run Farm
Veerle Foreman
Russ Watkins
Beverley Ridings
Valley Stream Farm
Kim Harper
Carolyn Rutherford
The Hideaway
Rose Ann Smythe, Cottage of the Cliff
Texan Jayhawk Farm
Elaine Specht
Julie Dural
Kay Adrian
Ann Levi, Summerhill Farm
Lisa Kremer
Birdsong Pleasure Garden – Lesley & Tom Mack
Joey Waters
Belle Grove Teaching Garden
Jardin de Rodriguez
Misa Mulroney
Janice Barb
Wade Baker
Linda Baker
NSVMGA Demonstration Garden, Chet Hobert Park
Suzanne Boag
Jessica Priest-Cahill
Claire DeMasi
Sunnyfield Farm
Baughans’ Nest
Big Oak
Khimaira Farm
My Happy Place
Cathy Dickey

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Resources to Learn More about Creating Sustainable Habits.